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ROSAMONTE Bombilla for Yerba Mate

ROSAMONTE Bombilla for Yerba Mate

11.50 inc VAT

Original, branded bombilla made of stainless steel INOX with a cooling ring and the logo of the Argentinian Rosamonte plantation. It is an excellent, elegant gadget for a fan of this respected brand. It perfectly filters all types of Yerba – elaborads, despalads, Paraguayan, Brazilian mate greens and finely ground yerbas.

The Bombilla has a nice cooling ring with a decorative eyelet with the Rosamonte logo on it. The design of the bombilla allows the strainer to be removed, making cleaning and maintenance of the filter and the entire bombilla easier and affecting its lifespan.

Other information:

Before using the bombilla for the first time, wash it under hot, running water.
Material: Stainless steel
Length: 17 cm
Cleaning: Wash with water and detergent. Periodic cleaning with a bombilla cleaning brush is recommended.
The product is dishwasher safe