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Yerba Mate To Go Set – Olive Green

Yerba Mate To Go Set – Olive Green

25.90 inc VAT

Are you shopping for a mate tea starter set? You’ve made it to the right place. You can now order a mate cup, bombilla and cleaning brush all together in this set. It includes all the necessary items to enjoy Yerba Mate in its traditional way of preparation.
What is included in the Un Mate starter set?
Inox calebasse ( yerba mate cup )
Bombilla inox (brazilian chimarrao style) 19cm length ( drinking straw )
Cleaning brush

We specially prepared this mate kit that contains everything you need to be able to drink mate in the conventional way like it’s consumed in Argentina or Uruguay. When buying this starter kit you get the essential accessories to enjoy mate like you would be drinking it in the busy streets of Buenos Aires.
You will be getting Un Mate, a mate cup with double steel walls that helps insulate the temperature of the mate leaves so you always drink your infusion at the desired temperature. With a modern look and appearance, the exterior walls also prevent the mate cup from overheating.

Bomlilla- the drinking straw is made of inox steel and with excellent filtration system you can now enjoy your Brazilian mates.The length of bombilla is 19 cm. The round filter has with a 30mm diameter for fitting perfectly in the Un Mate gourds and most cuias for Chimarrao. With a great filtration system you will be enjoying your chimas!
Cleaning brush to clean your bombilla from mate tea dust and residues. Clean regularly your bombilla straw to make the best out of your infusion.
The Yerba Mate starter set comes packed in a nice box that makes it a great gift choice.

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