Wild Grey Bergamot Green Tea

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Ingredients: green tea, lemon peel, orange blossoms, natural bergamot flavour with other natural flavouring.


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Earl Grey is the most popular flavored tea and also the most English one. This classic has been known for ages as a black tea, and the friends of green tea have long waited for the Sencha variation. But now, your waiting has come to an end. We introduced this blend very successfully some years ago. Our exquisite Sencha basis was flavored with high-quality bergamot flavor and richly decorated with lemon peel and orange blossoms. Earl Grey friends can now finally discover green tea – and vice versa.

 2-3 minutes brewing time
 75° – 80° C water temperature
 4-5 level tsp./1 litre

Make your own Ice Tea:

You can make a really tasty and healthy ice tea using flavoured green tea leaves or fruit tea blends for the best result. You don’t need add any other ingredients, only sugar or honey is optional.

  1. Brew 4-5 tsp. of loose leaf tea with 1 liter of boiled water ( for green tea you need about 75-80 C of water temperature )
  2. Leave for about 3-5 min, then remove the leaves ( you can use the tea strainer for easier brewing )
  3. Add some sugar or honey to taste ( optional ), stir well
  4. Cool the tea up to room temperature,  then place into the fridge for couple of hours or overnight
  5. Serve optional with couple of ice cubes and enjoy

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1 review for Wild Grey Bergamot Green Tea

  1. Katarzyna Loskot (verified owner)

    Very good green tea Earl Grey blend. Smells great and tastes delicious.

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