GRAN GRANS Handmade Lemon, Ginger & Cardamom Marmalade 330g


Lemon, fresh grated Ginger & Cardamon, be amazing by the distinctive flavor of this Gourmet Marmalade.Traditional used on scones and toast, try somethig new and try putting a bit under the skin of you Chicken before roasting it or if you are feeling under the weather mix some whisky, hot water and a spoon of it in a glass for a wholesome hot whisky toddy!! Gran Grans Foods products are made in small batches in our custom-built kitchen located in Co. Galway, Ireland. We use only quality ingredients to ensure the “taste from home” of all our products. Our packaging is 100% recyclable.
Ingredients: lemon, ginger, cardamom, sugar
Net Weight: 330g
Produced in Ireland, Galway

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Gran Grans Foods was born with the purpose of sharing their culinary journey obtained around the world through the production of tasty handcrafted condiments following traditional and innovative recipes, using only quality fresh ingredients. In May 2021, another big step in the journey of Gran Grans took place, they opened “Gran Grans Foods Pantry” beside the Post Office in Kilcolgan, Co Galway. Where they produced all their range and also showcase their products along with other Local Irish Artisan Produce and Craft while tasting an amazing array of fresh pastries, breads and Organic Peruvian Coffee. Definitively worth the visit and A great addition to the area!!

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