G.A.T. Moka Coffee Pot Minni Plus (3 cups) Black

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Brand: G.A.T.
Colour: black
Material: aluminum
Number of espressos: 3
Induction: no
Capacity: 150 ml

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• Design:
Minni Plus is a coffee pot made of aluminum. Well-shaped handle and additional knob made of wood imitation allow for easy handling and serving of your coffee. Made in Italy.

• Use: G.A.T. Minni Plus is suitable for gas or electric hobs. Put the product on the hob so that the handle is beyond the reach of heat. A special strainer adaptor allows for brewing coffee using capsules from G.A.T. Use the adaptor only when brewing coffee using capsules. Wash your coffee pot by hand, without the use of detergents. Not dishwasher safe. Choosing the size of your coffee pot, keep in mind that every time you need to brew the amount of coffee specified by the manufacturer.

• How does moka work? The coffee pot consists of a top sealed tank, a filter and a bottom tank. Put ground coffee beans in the filter, pour water into the bottom tank below the safety valve level and connect all the elements. Put the coffee pot on the hob and wait a few minutes. Hot water moves to the top tank, flowing through the ground beans. Your delicious and aromatic espresso is ready!


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