Pu Erh Tea

Pu Erh Tea Benefits

In Three Spoons Tea Shop you can find a new addition of China pressed Pu Erh tea cakes. https://threespoons.ie/product-category/tea/pu-erh-tea/This special tea is also called a dark tea, and it is only tea that contains probiotics ( ‘good ‘ microbes’ ).  Three Spoons provides you a real Pu Erh which was grown under wild and organic conditions in high mountain area in Yunnan Province.  It is good to support your digestion and promote a healthy immune system. It can be aged for many years, and increases the value accordingly.

Pu Erh Character of taste

A rich, opaque dark brown or purple brew of Pu Erh can have a wide range of its unique taste and aftertaste: starting from earthy, woody or leathery- like and finishing with chocolatey, sweet- like or nutty notes. 

When the  most commonly type of Pu Erh is dark Pu Erh, you can also find the another – made of pressed white tea leaves. 

How to handle pressed Pu Erh 

Pu Erh tea is most commonly available in cake or brick form as well as in loose leaves. Sometimes aged in bamboo leaves. If you are using pressed Pu Erh, try not to break the leaves when prying them from the cake, as this will damage them, making the tea bitter. 

Pu Erh continues to ripen and age over time, so can be kept for many years or even decades and tasted each year to experience the developing flavours.

Discover our exclusive tea selection of Raw and Ripe Pu Erh, processed in two different ways and aged for years, to reveal it’s rich and unique taste. 

Preparation Guidelines

4-5g of pressed Pu Erh cake

150-200 ml tea pot

Boil the water. Wash the tea leaves in the pot with water for about 30 sec, then discard the liquid. Brew the same leaves again for 30 sec, pour the liquid into your cup and enjoy! Brew the same Pu Erh leaves for several times and have slightly different taste each time . 


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