Ice Mocha Flavoured Coffee Recipe

In Three Spoons you can find best quality flavoured freshly roasted coffee beans and make for your own delicious iced coffee drink. Our coffee beans are coated with natural flavouring oils during the roasting process. Discover our recipes and enjoy your little coffee treat!

Ice Mocha Coffee recipe

A popular variation of the ice latte, the ice mocha coffee drink requires chocolate sauce * , which imparts a rich, sweet taste. If you would like the coffee flavour to come through more intensely, use less milk or reduce the amount of chocolate sauce.

  1. Make your own handmade delicious chocolate sauce* : In a medium sauce pan mix 125g of cacao powder, 150g of sugar and pinch of salt. add 250ml water and bring to the boil over the medium heat. Whisking continuously, allow so simmer for 5 min while stirring. Remove finely from heat, and mix in 1 teaspoons vanilla flavour ( optional ). Let it cool down for a while.
  2. Pour 2 table spoons light or dark chocolate sauce*  into a glass. Fill with ice cubes and pour over 180 ml milk.
  3. Brew 2 shots/ 50 ml of espresso coffee ( using espresso coffee machine ) into a jug and pour it over the milk.
  4. Serve immediately with a straw to help stir and dissolve the chocolate sauce. P.S. choose one of your favorite flavoured coffee beans Flavoured Coffee Beans from our freshly roasted coffee assortment. 
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