Health Benefits of Green Tea

Are you interested in trying some green tea? Have you been researching the benefits of green tea and looking for the right blend for you? Three Spoons would be more than happy to help you. With over 15 different types of green tea to choose from on our online store, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect blend for you. We provide you with over 100 different types of tea leaves and coffee beans from all over the world. However, nothing makes us prouder than our returning customers, we love sharing all our knowledge and experience with you, so order online now or visit us in store for a perfect cup of tea.

Along with being one of the most popular beverages all over the world, there is a vast range of health benefits of green tea. We currently stock 15 types of green tea leaves on our website along with an additional 14 different green tea blends, so we have a total of almost 30 different types to choose from. Green tea is so much more than just a liquid, it contains bioactive compounds that improve your health. It’s rich in polyphenols that can reduce inflammation and even help fight cancer. It also includes a large amount of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) which is used to treatments to fight off a range of diseases and is one of the main reasons the health benefits of green tea are so incredible.

Each type of green tea leaf that we stock has its own origin and an incredible story behind it. Brazillian Yerba Mate originates from Paraguay, otherwise known as the “Beverage of the Gods” and has a range of stimulating effects. It’s rich in antioxidants, boosts energy and mental focus, enhances physical performance and can boost your immune system. We also stock China Premium Green Snail tea, which is one of the most precious Chinese green teas available. It warms you up in the winter and picks you up in the summertime. With an endless list of health benefits of green tea, you can trust that this will have a positive impact in a number of ways.

Therefore, if you are intrigued by the health benefits of green tea and want to experience them yourself – Three Spoons is the best place to go. We offer free delivery throughout Ireland on purchases of €50 and over, meaning you can try as many as you want, with no delivery charge. If you have any questions, take yourself over to our contact page and fill in your details, we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours of your inquiry.

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