Fragrant Black Chai Infusion

Many people love Chai for it’s health benefits, strong aroma and rich taste. Black Chai tea warms you up when its cold raining outside. When you do not want to go anywhere, just wrap into a cozy blanket, switch the fireplace, sit back on the sofa and make a good cup of hot Chai. 

Start from classic but be creative! Choose your desired flavour infusion. Get  inspired yourself with this recipe and share the cup of beautiful Masala Chai drink!

Masala Chai recipe

You will need:


  • place the tea into a saucepan, pour over the water, let everything simmer for couple of minutes on medium heat
  • add the milk and sugar ( or honey ) , continuing by stirring for another 2 min
  •  remove the pan from heat and strain the tea into a teapot


Pour into the mugs or cups from the height at least 30cm to create a foam on the surface, serve hot


Vanilla Chai

Add 2 2.5cm ( 1in ) pieces of vanilla pod, split, just as the mixture starts to simmer ( see the process above ). Alternatively, add a few drops of vanilla extract at the end of the simmering

Hot Buttered Rum Chai

Add 2 tbsp Rum and 1 tsp butter per serving, just as the tea is being served! Add more Rum if you prefer it a little stronger 🙂

Chocolate & Chili Chai

This is a delicious blend of spices, chili and chocolate. Add a small pinch of chili powder or dried chili flakes when the tea is simmering. Add 25g of dark chocolate at the end. 

Cocoa Chai 

For an even richer dessert- style Chai, add 1 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder ( DRINKING CHOCOLATE Archives – Three Spoons – Tea, Coffee and Something more ) at the end of the simmering, just before the tea is strained. * For a creamy white chocolate chai add 20g white chocolate 

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