Blue Your Brew with Butterfly Blue Pea Flower

Summer time is a perfect time for parties with cocktails and ice teas. Surprise your friends with Butterfly Blue Pea Flower – it turns your beverage into blue.  Let’s make a Purple Summer Ice Tea!


Butterfly blue pea flower blossom ( Butterfly Blue Pea Flower – Three Spoons – Tea, Coffee and Something more )

Your desired fruit tea  blend ( i would recommend Organic Red Fruits or Cherry Punch fruit infusion )

Desired fruits and berries ( fresh or frozen )

Ice Cube mould

Cold Brew tea maker ( you can use any French Press, Hario Cold Brew tea maker or any glass bottle with filter )

Tall glasses or glass cups for serve ( check our double walled glass cups range if you are looking for some 

Glass Teaware Archives – Three Spoons – Tea, Coffee and Something more )

MONIN Elderflower syrup ( optional )

Honey or sugar if needed

Lime or lemon slice to decorate


  • Brew some Butterfly blue pea flower blossom in a bowl or cup with cold water and leave for half an hour ( just to make enough to fill the ice cube mould ). When the water turns into deep dark blue colour, stir well and fill the mould, leave in the freezer to freeze properly 
  • Prepare the cold brew tea: brew good amount of loose fruit tea with the cold water, leave in the fridge for couple of hours
  • Serve: pour the prepared cold tea into a tall glass, add some desired fresh or frozen fruits or berries, finish with blue ice cubes. You can also add optionally couple drops of MONIN Elderflower syrup. Use some honey or sugar if you need. Decorate with lime or lemon slice

Enjoy your summer brew!


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