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Three Spoons is a tea and coffee supplier located in 10 / 11 Market Parade, Patrick Street, Cork, Ireland. We proudly cater to online purchases through this website and provide shipping throughout the country. Moreover, we pride ourselves as one of the best loose leaf tea and coffee suppliers in Ireland sourcing our produce from various countries. Our coffee produce are sourced from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Kenya, Jamaica, Peru, and Java while our tea produce are sourced from China, Ruanda, Japan, India, Ceylon and Argentina. These allows us to offer the best variety for our consumers to choose from. Furthermore, we are also proud of our vision to share and educate the masses of our knowledge and experiences when it comes to the different qualities of the variety of loose leaves and coffee beans each to their own unique constitution by being produce from different environments thus producing different unique tastes truly each to their own!

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